There is a first time for everything. A new beginning, new diriction, new purpose. And the beauty is, that you can begin whenever you want, just take the first step.

It might be exciting, scarry maybe. But I’ve heard once, “if you’re not scared of it, your dreams are not big enough.” Doesn’t that sound like adventure, taking risks, living life?

But that doesn’t mean it’s all a new beginning. Sometimes it’s a fresh start, ‘cause you’ve been here before, but now looking at it from another point of few, due to a new perspective, new experiences or new expectations.

I try to look at life from a positive side. I’ts not always easy, when life is though on you, when your world falls apart. So why not try to lock up all the goods, try to light out the good parts, as a reminder to make it easier?

Beginning doesn’t always start when things are endings. It might be all abouy trying something new, like wanting to learn how to play guitar, try a hobby or a sport. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing, what do you think?

Now this isn’t new to me, blogging. Not really knowing why I’m starting right now. Definitly not because of a new “what now”. But this here, right now, this is my first blog. A new beginning. A fresh start.


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