To be more comfortable with yourself

We are all human, united to that one big pack, but are all unique and different. What makes us unique is us having the choice to make up our mind and believes, we have our own characters and specialties, the way we take it in and then react to things happening in our lifes is what makes us who we are.

But what if there is a time you have to depend on yourself (a bit) more? When you go and face the though times.

So when you look at your life at that point.

What can you do to be more comfortable with yourself?

Is there anything you can do to make it easier?

We all go through different stages in lifes, good and bad ones. But how can we enlight the good stuff.

When I look at myself, I’m someone who tries to see the good things in life. If it is not possible in that moment/sitation, then maybe when you go outside and hear the birds singing their song, from one too another. Just stop. Stop for a while and really take a moment to take it all in.
This is just an example, but it could be a laughing baby, an animal that welcomes, seeing a movie, go through your favourite magazine, see those lovely buildings in your town or seeing that new painting at the museum.
The little, tiny things in life, they’re yours to have, so maybe you can try take it to your advantage.

I also feel that it helps to smile. It sounds really stupid, but as a way of hiding out I used to just smile, to avoid people asking me what is going on with me. But on te other side… when I felt really low, I could be so happy with a friendly, genuine smile.

Be kind and take good care of yourself, don’t burn yourself down.

Take the time to invest in yourself. If there is extra time for you to do the things you love or try new things, go out and do them. It will give you new energy and drive to move forward.


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