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I love to be the wild type sometimes. I used to be the kid that was outside a lot. Playing in the bush, hanging in the trees, go on my rollerblades and later on those were replaced to skeelers.

It is and feels so different now. Now I get to do all of the things that I always wanted. So last year, I took a class and made the bold move to go indoor Climbing. Go climbing is my way of being wild. And now I’ve made the decision to get me some indoor climbingshoes. Finally! I was so excited when a friend went along to get me some shoes and then go climbing afterwards.

It is amazing what kind of strength you build when you are freed.
Just go out and have a lot of confidence to be.

Scared at first, but opened up and it was awesome!
When can we do this again? I wanne make it mine and own this sport. I know it will take a lot of time and work to be so. But I love this too much to just let it be a thing I like.

So I guess I need to dig up a whole lot of things about climbing. Watch the moves of others and go out there to practice.

(Re)discovered a new thing I’m going to love..


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  1. Noor Elhayat schreef:

    I love trying new things too.
    I experience many adventures in my life one of which was sky diving and hiking on my own on a rainy day! Lol
    Life lies in between those moments though!

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    1. changeiswork schreef:

      Thank you, Noor for your reaction!
      That is really bold, skydiving! How cool that you did that! Do you do that on a regular base or made the choice as you were making your way. I love hiking too, did that through Paris a few days ago. Where do you go hiking? Through the city or in the wilderness?

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      1. Noor Elhayat schreef:

        Thank you! I remember when I booked for that jump I didn’t tell my family or friends except for 2 of them. They wouldn’t give my the vibes I would need if I tell them. I decided and just went to do it!
        I love hiking in the wilderness more. That’s when I get really connected to myself, meditate and think deeply about my life. It helped me make big decisions! 🙂

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      2. changeiswork schreef:

        Good for you that you did it anyway! I wouldn’t dare doing that, I think. We don’t have a lot of wilderness here to really get lost, but I can imagen that it would do great things for you. I would say: Keep on taking the next step forward into the new and discover! ^^ Thank you, for following me. ^^


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