Away for a while

It seems that I wanted a lot of things. I wanted to be that somebody, I wanted to go and see places, I wanted to learn, I wanted to belong, I wanted to befriend, o dear, I wanted a whole lot of things lakely.

Haven’t we all got that feeling of restlessness? Wanting to chase things and grow as we go? But how do we stop ourselves from wanting too much? I mean, how much can we really take? Can we progress, before we become insane by our own thougts? Eaten alive, obsessed, loosing our sleep at night thinking?

Now usually, I fall asleep fast whenever my head rests on my pillow, well maybe it doens’t even matter who’s pillow it is. But from time to time my head just explodes from thinking and thinking again. And I have to admit, it has been stressful.

So we go and do sports to release all the extra load we’ve been put on/we put on ourselves. And yes, that does help. It helps to grow for one thing. Grow in our sport, wanting to become… See there you have it, “goals”!

I guess I have been into my head for a while. Noticing what is going on outside but also wanting and wandering into my own mind. And it’s a good thing to be real, to stare at yourself in front of the mirror. Looking deeply into your own eyes, searching for the soul and purpose and what has become a reality for you.

And let’s not forget, looking at your own face. Your smile or rimples maybe. How haved they developed over the last time you’ve had your reality-check. Are you happy? Are you? Why? I know I was. And after some thinking, overthinking, I still am.

I’m still thankful for what I have. At least I have a roof over my head. And there is food in the fridge and water comming out of the tab. I have my feeling of home. I have my group of people. I want to get the home feeling somewhere else now. But I’m excited about it and of course thinking about it.

But I guess that just comes when a new adventure awaits. That aint so bad. Just don’t get stuck into thinking about it. Talk to the people you trust and get that piece of advice. Get real, make a list of what needs to be done, plan it. Work it out, get people involved into it. We all have our own troubles, but we can be our own worst enemies somethimes.. Now go out and get some…

Nothing but love for you!
– a new begin… –


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