It is maybe not so simple. but it is clear. That when you want to become a happy person, you have to find what you love. And the great thing about it is.. it can be ANYTHING! Isn’t that a marvelous thought.. It can just be anything that you want..

Let it be a new pet, a new friend, a new lover, a new job, a new table, a new carpet or floor, a new chair, a new couch , a new book, a new destination, a new home, a new agenda, a new piece of clothing, a new sport, a new sportschool.. you get the idea now.

Change is not always easy. I know all about it. Maybe you have to let old things go or you can have both and now have to make time for both.

Let it be an adventure.. To get a richer life that you want, that you desire at. Let it above all come as it is and see what it does too you.

And sometimes you regret the choice that you have made. But then it is up to you.. to find that piece of happiness again for yourself. Whenever you want it, whenever you are ready, to start a new search for it all over again…


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